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Liability and Medical Protection

Liability Coverage
If you're at fault in an accident that's covered by your policy, and other people (or property) are injured or damaged, Liability coverage helps protect you from the cost of these damages.

Medical Payments Coverage
If you're in a covered accident, this Medical Payments option helps pay for reasonable and necessary medical bills up to your limit.

Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Coverage
If a driver with little or no insurance damages your car, or injures you or someone riding with you, this coverage option can help cover repairs and expenses. (This is subject to certain limitations, however, so check your individual policy, or talk to your agent for more details.)

Vehicle Protection

Collision Coverage
This option helps protect you from repair costs to your car if you're involved in a covered accident. Considering it's a covered loss (that's insurance-speak for an accident that's specifically covered by your policy), Collision helps pay for the repairs needed to get your car back on the road.

Comprehensive Coverage
This option helps protect your car in covered situations that don't necessarily involve other drivers or vehicles. If your car's damaged by a storm, vandalism, or passive object (such as a tree or a post in a parking garage) which fell and was not caused by collision, Comprehensive can help keep you covered.

Additional Coverage Options
Can boost convenience and peace of mind, whether it's with our Towing and Labor-Cost Coverage, Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage, Sound/Entertainment System Coverage.

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